The North Carolina General Assembly passed the following laws that inspired the NC NAAP to organize a series of nonviolent protests, which several of us regularly attended:  

  • Rejected federal Medicaid funds for 500,000 poor people (S-4)
  • Rejected federal money for benefits to help150,000 unemployment workers (H-4)
  • Phased out Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income working families (H-82)
  • Cut spending for schools and public services, ends Prisoner Legal Services, ends public campaign financing option for judges; sets aside $770 million in tax cuts for millionaires; cuts NC Pre-K enrollment by 17,000 (S-402)
  • Creates a new agency to expand and oversee private schools that get public money  (S-337)
  • Eliminates many consumer protections and lets lending companies charge higher interest rates and fees (S-489)
  • Work First recipients must pay for their own drug test before they can receive benefits (S-594)
  • Gutted the Racial Justice Act, so racial bias will continue to affect justice and who gets the death penalty (S-306)
  • Allows companies to bypass regulations to explore for natural gas and oil, reducing the safeguards for NC’s water supplies (S-76)

The following pictures were taken by Ven Carver (Raleigh, NC), a friend of Peace Covenant...